Bringing technology closer to you since 2014

Technology and good data are our twin loves. We help you acquire, visualise and understand data to zoom ahead.



Monitoring Systems

Turnkey Industrial, Railway and Power station monitoring systems

(I)IoT/Industry 4.0 Services

End-to-End Industrial IoT solutions

Turnkey Embedded systems

Customised Embedded Solutions for all your requirements

Legacy System Integration

Linking the ‘old’ world with the new

Technical Content

B2B Content strategy and consulting to help explain your technology to the world

Academic Writing & Editing

Empanelled service provider at many major Universities


A Brief list of the things we’ve done.


Zatre Power began by providing Monitoring, Data logging, Data Visualization and Data Forecasting products. We’re doing a lot more now.

Zatre Power

Zatre Power

The Company

Bringing technology closer to you since 2014.


Arvind Srinivasan


Obsessed with everything engineering. Mostly spotted with a toolkit.



Technical Content Wiz

Making Technology easy to understand. Always spotted with a notepad.


2014 Since
24 Happy clients
51 Finished projects
97500 Lines of code

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